Kiki & friends at the beach

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Kiki & friends at the beachApp Store4.5

Voted #1 game by Moms!! best kids voted game in 2014

Stimulate your child’s senses with this educational game!

Approved by elementary school teachers!
apple schoolThis game was created with the input of teachers! The contribution of teachers was essential in developing this game! It is designed to be simple, have contrasting color, influences brain development and help fine tune motor skills especially dexterity in young children.


Fun Shapes

Your child will interact with colorful shapes such as triangles, squares, circles and more! Boost your child’s brain function by building mental skills such as logic! The interactive background will captivate your child’s attention for hours!

Meet the Kiki’s friends !

Kiki and her friends will immerse your child into their world! Let Mr and Mrs. Turtles introduce your child to their exciting home at the beach! Allow Mr. octopus to show his underwater playground! Your child will love Kiki’s friends!

Entertaining music

The music in Kiki’s world simultaneously promotes development in multiple domains. Positive reinforcement such as “wow, you’re good!” will encourage your child to recognize each shape and repeat the logic utilized for shape recognition.

Try it on iPad Mini for their little fingers!

For optimal performance, we recommend using iPad Generation 3, iPad Air or iPad Mini


This game is so simple yet keeps my daughter entertained! She’s captivated by this game! Extra mommy-alone time is always a bonus!! We love it!!

by Madddi0614

I like the idea of moving shapes with that music and story, it keeps my kids busy on the game while they seem to find the game’s logic little by little and its good for her brain, impressive. In my opinion, level 4 is more interesting… thank you!!:)

by Helen Beaudoin

Are you a teacher ?

If you are a teacher, we offer you a free version as educational purpose with your student. Contact us by email with your School information and your full name. Once we receive your information, we will send you a free version.

“Helen Lahais” ~ Very useful with my students, thank you !

Approved by elementary school teachers!

Kiki at the beach has been tested with many kids aged from 2 years to make sure each of them can learn and develop their own logic little bit by little bit without being bored. Musics, colors and animation keep the child’s attention straight into the game. We strongly recommend to lock your mini ipad to prevent your child to swipe the window.

We have noticed almost 90% of the kids started to feel more attracted into the game from the level 3, probably because of the animation and the changing characters. One thing we really like is the shape will never be the same for each level even if you play over again and again. That keep the game with a new feeling each time. Finally, Each level have their own unique musics and characters to keep the game interesting for the little kids playing.

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